Ability to Group CRM Contacts by Family or Company and Assign Permissions for the Group

We have two membership BC sites where secure zone permissions and visibility are assigned to a group of members - one by company and one by family.

Right now we use a Membership webapp to control what the user/contact sees, manually writing cookies and filters to show all membership stuff to each user/contact.

It would be great if contacts could be grouped in the CRM and secure zone permissions and visibility be controlled at that group level.

Hi @shannonlynd.
It doesn’t look like any contact grouping/relationships will be coming with the first iteration of the Advanced CRM so you may need to mimic a similar setup to what you have in BC.

For the backlog, I think it would be good to seperate the 2 main concepts you’re describing here (if I’ve interpreted them correctly):

  1. CRM relationships
  2. Secure Zones assigned to CRM relationship entities (ie: Company, Employee, Family, etc.)

But I’m not 100% sure on the specific requirements/ideas you had for these if you’d like to elaborate/clarify for the backlog?

Yes, as long as we can add custom properties at the group level.

For example, for a family membership, the group will store the following fields - mailing address, formal salutation for mailing invitations, informal salutations for name tags, membership type, payment activity.

It might be more explicitly requested as:

1 - CRM groups with ability to add custom properties at the group level
2 - CRM relationships noted (parent/child, company/employee)
3 - Secure Zones assigned to CRM groups (ie: Company, Employee, Family, etc.)

I just to make sure it’s easy to distinguish the parent/child relationship visually in the admin. I think that the BC relationship model is pretty confusing to end users.