Ability to sort blog posts by title and/or date


I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned - but I did check first and I don’t think it has. It would be really nice to be able to sort blog posts by blog post title and/or publish date. Also, I don’t think the ‘tree view’ button is working on the blog posts page, just an FYI.

Thank you!!

  • Ryan Given
    Studio RTP

Hi @StudioRTP. Yes, you can sort by many fields. The title/name is default (alpha-numeric). Then you can add sortBy: "releasedate" sortOrder: "ASC or DESC" to change the sort type to published date.

Documentation on this is here:

But note, you need to add these parameters to the Blog Post component tag, not the Blog component. So you need to access the General Blog Layout to get to that component tag.

Hello Adam, thank you for your response. I’m sorry, I just read over your reply and realized that I wasn’t completely clear on my request. I meant that it would be nice to have that sorting ability in the admin as seen in the attached screen shot (only on the blog post list page, I accidentally used a screen shot from the blog page). Again, sorry for my confusion!

Ah, ok.
There is a related backlog item here:
Doesn’t specifically mention column sorting (hopefully implied), but would be the ultimate in list view management.
If you have a spare vote it would be well spent here :smile:

Will do! As always, thank you very much Adam!!