Accessing form post data when from another domain

Hi there,
We’re dealing with a payment gateway and they’re calling our Treepl website with form post data. They’re expecting us to be using some kind of server side language to grab this data. We can’t access the form post data in javascript. The Treepl {{ formSubmissionData }} only works when the post has come from a form defined in Treepl.

How do we go about getting at the form post data in Treepl?


Hi @Allistar
Perhaps these components will help:

For form submissions/Cases:

For Orders:

Probably not the format/method the gateway is expecting, but you may be able to reformat this data in some other usable way perhaps.

Thanks. I don’t think that will work. What we need is to be able to get the form values when a request like this is made to a TreePl hosted page:

curl -X POST -F “name1=value1” -F “name2=value2”

…we’d like to get the values for the “name1” and “name2” variables. Normal server side frameworks like PHP, ASP, nodejs can do this easily. How do we do this in TreePl?


Since Treepl is a hosted CMS solution we don’t have access to server-side stuff like this unless it’s been specifically opened up for us to use.
So for something like this you’d need to request as a feature via the public backlog.

More info here on submitting requests if needed: