Admin Blog Posts Need to be listed by Release Date

I was recently quite staggered to notice recently when I migrated over 100 client Blog Posts into Treepl that they could only be viewed in Alphabetical order. This is unworkable for my client,
who needs to view his most recent posts. All blogging software lists posts in their admin by Release Date.

This seems to have been an oversight by the Treepl team. I see there is a related feature request here however I don’t think this is something that should be waiting for votes, it is just an elementary function of blog post management.

Can something be done to fix, what I consider to be a bug rather than a feature?

@DeanCraig maybe it is not working for you, but you can ‘sort by’ pretty much anything, from release date, to item tags, custom fields, with both ascending and descending results.

Was just working on a new site today with Blog Posts set to sort by Release Date in a descending order.

Thats strange!

I can’t sort by anything in Blog Posts. I presume it works the same as Custom Modules by clicking on the column heading ie. ‘Release Date’?

I just got told by Dima yesterday that I need to put it in as a Feature Request, which is odd if you already have it working. I’m now even more confused!!

Oh that, apologies I thought you were referring to the custom module tag sorting.

I see the same here on testing. Sorting options in the Admin are available in Custom Modules but not in Blogs. A workaround (if you are at least on a business plan) could be to create a Custom Module with exactly the blog’s properties, then export the blog post from the Blog Module and import it into the Custom Module.

Regardless of a possible workaround that should be addressed. @Peter-Schmidt, can you add this to the backlog?

@Eugene - Do you want to include this in the current sprint or should I add it as a bug in the public backlog. It seems fairly “easy” when we already have this feature in Custom Modules, but that is easy for me to say :grimacing:

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Sorting works on all modules with the active list view mode. The blog uses the tree view mode. In the tree view mode, we use a slightly different logic for outputting items and, therefore, there is currently no sorting of items.
@Peter-Schmidt, add it to the public backlog as an improvement and we will try to do it in current or the next sprint.

Thanks for clarifying @Eugene :+1:
Added here:

Hey guys, I think we may consider this accomplished?

Displaying post list in admin by date column is not working correctly. See screenshot showing date column ascending and descending. Note the actual post release dates do not correspond.