Admin Logged Out Warning / or Keep Alive

There seems to be a time limit for being logged into a site admin. Even though the SSO implementation will log you back in, there is still a point of being logged out along with a page refresh while being automatically logged back in.
This causes loss of data for whatever you may have been working on as there is no warning of it about to happen, nor does it seem that general admin activity refreshes/resets this logout timer.
Ie: You’ll make an action (like saving a page), but your login time has actually expired behind the scenes, resulting in the data not being saved and the page refreshing.

Ideally, the time should only countdown during periods of inactivity and be reset upon any admin user action, but at the least, we should get a warning pop-up when the time is about to expire.


This is a big problem for site admins who are texting or working on any content within the Treepl admin as there’s no way to save a draft of a page, blog post or module item or anything yet. So the result might be that our clients loose their editing work if they don’t publish quick enough. Am I right with this?

Yes, just noticed this now… this is a big problem. I was only inactive for like 5 minutes and it timed out and didn’t save what I was working on. Arghhh…

We have increased session lifetime to 24 hours.


Thanks @Igor_Danylenko :grinning:

Thanks @Igor_Danylenko, however, the length of time isn’t really the issue here. It’s the fact that the timer isn’t reset upon user activity.
24hr lifetime may reduce the issue, but it may still occur because if you’re editing content at the time the 24hrs expires you will still lose your changes without warning.

As a minimum I would think some sort of indication of when the session is almost expired.
Best solution, I would think, would be for user interactions to reset the login session in the background - so as long as you are active in the admin you’ll never be logged out.


A prompt that says “Would you like to stay logged in?” and it reset the period for another 24 makes the most sense and would give the best UX.

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Hi Guys - Sorry for the late reply, I have not had access to the Treepl site since the SSO update, so haven’t had a chance to add this to the public backlog before now :slight_smile:

Added here:

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