Another (great) way of using "Admin Menu Configurator"

Very simple, but great for clients :slight_smile:

I just had a client call me because they wanted to export the form submissions for a specific form, so they can keep track on who signed up for their conference.

The client is not that familiar with the admin and NOT tech savvy at all, so I thought I would try and make it as easy as possible, so I just added a new item to the menu with the “internal” Treepl link in the admin for the specific export.

Worked perfectly - So now there is a specific button in the menu that says “Export signed up users”, and when the client press the button, it will download the report with all the details, without them needing to find it under “CRM -> Form Submissions” selecting the correct form etc.

I get that it is not rocket science, but I thought it was another great way of utilizing this great tool :slight_smile:


Simple and clever.
Thanks for sharing this :+1:

Great idea. Thanks for posting.

Hadn’t thought of using it in that way - thanks for the example, very useful