Assigning layout group to menu in menu component

We can create different layout groups for a menu in admin, but I can’t find the parameter to assign a layout group to a menu in the menu component tag as in {% component type : “menu”, alias: “<menu_alias>” %}. I could us a liquid collection to alter the layout of course but I was wondering what sense the option to create different layout groups makes if we can’t assign them. Or am I missing something?

Hi @TimL. It’s currently noted in the Release Notes and should be generated in the Component manager/toolbox, but this is the syntax:

{% component type: "menu", alias: "test", layoutGroup:"myCustomLayout" %}

I’ll get it documented shortly :slight_smile:

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Isn’t it in the previous release?

Yep, I overlooked it in the component sidebar in the Admin as I mostly work via code editor and FTP. Old habits :wink: