Auto-Collapse Item Settings / Custom Properties Toggle

Backlog Request / Enhancement to existing improvement

Hey @vlad.z love the new toggle of the Settings / Custom Module fields. Wondering if it is possible to have a “cookie” set to remember when you click the toggle to collapse container? This way when you go back it is still set as collapsed? Or somewhere in a General Settings area where you can have it set to Auto Collapse (like a Global Setting).

Good idea. +1
The global/general setting perhaps could be ‘Remember Toggled State’ rather than ‘Collapse/Uncollapse All’.

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Yeah - That would be great.
Should we add it to the public backlog @vlad.z, or is it a simple fix for you guys?

Just trying to keep the public backlog as “clean” as possible, and not get filled with all these “small” requests. I get that smaller requests can take a lot of time, that is why I ask you once in a while if you want them to be added :slight_smile:

Every request (even small one) are preffered to be manageble via public backlog :slight_smile:
Because even this implovement is not so small as it looks like. It’s not UI-only small task since it requires serverside coding in order to store and remeber toggled state for particular module.
That’s why public backlog request is preffered :slight_smile:

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We will add a global setting ‘Remember Toggled State’. If this setting is enabled, then any change in the state of each Collapsible section will be automatically saved in the settings of this module and will apply to all items of this module. Just add it to the public backlog.


Thanks for the quick reply @vlad.z and @Eugene :slight_smile:

It is added here:

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Can is also apply to the ‘Items Per Page’ pop-up menu? The default is 20 but if I change it to 50 then navigate to an item, when I go back to the list of items, only 20 are shown again. Very tiresome.

Yes please - had a customer today complain about this.

Great idea @hopestew - This is now added to the request as well :slight_smile:

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