Automated Secure Zones Signup Issue

We have created a Members Signup process that is meant to grant access to a Members Secure Zone using the default Treepl forms.

After extensive testing we found that once we signup using the Treepl “Signup” form the Treepl system sends the user to the 401 system page “unauthorized”. Even though the system also sends an automated verification email. This is a terrible user experience. Anyone that fills out the signup form should either be automatically logged in or sent to a page that specifically states what the next step is.

From what we can tell the Secure Zone signup process isn’t complete.

Can anyone help us with this?

In my tests I’ve found that the secure zone landing page is used both when signing up to the zone AND when logging in. So if your landing page is a secured page then the signup process will send you to a 401 page because it doesn’t log the user in initially (verification email link needs to be actioned).

So you either have the landing page non-secured (for sign up purposes), or secured (for login purposes) - whichever suits your needs best. Then you can use the form redirectURL option to override this behaviour for either the sign up or login forms (or both):

Hopefully this helps with your situation.

Hi Adam, yes that’s a good help. We were lost without any documentation.

We will test it and let you know via the Forum if we have any further road blocks.

Thanks Dean

We were also lost on this without documentation. Thankfully found this post in forum.

This is annoying and does not make sense. Why would we want a landing page for a secure zone to be NOT secure?

I feel like this is an oversight from the Dev team. Why can’t a signup form log the user in BEFORE it sends the user to the correct page?

Can the devs please shed some light on this?