Backlog Request 2586 Discussion - Square Payment Gateway

- Ability to integrate Square’s Transactions API
- Ability to integrate Square’s Catalog and/or Orders API
The use case for these integrations is that it would enable the customer to use a single payment processing account for retail transactions at the tap room and online sales through the website. The Catalog/Orders API integration would enable to customer to maintain a single inventory system rather than multiple inventories (e.g., inventory in the tap room, and inventory in the online store). This eliminates the potential for “out of stocks” and simplifies inventory tracking.

If I’m understanding this correctly, ability to link/sync Square & Treepl, so that when purchases are made, it updates on both platforms? Perhaps the original requester of this could add some more details for better understanding (or it could be that I’m just a newb and don’t get it).

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Forum link added to request :slight_smile: