Backlog Request: Attach form uploads to workflow notifications

This has been requested a few times but no backlog item has been created… (Or at least I cannot find it)

Can we please get file uploads, from form submission, attached to the workflow notifications. (Similar to the existing BC functionality)

Although an addition to the request would be to do this one better and attach ALL files to the email notification, instead of just the 1st instance :slight_smile:

Clients are starting to question why they now have to login to the website everytime they get a form submission.


Hey @James it’s kind of all ready there…


<p style="font-size:17px;"><strong>Resume:</strong> <a href="{{website}}{{this.formSubmissionData.fields.custom.resume.value}}" style="text-decoration:none;color:#bf2f38;">Link to Resume</a><br></p> 

All it is is a value field. In some cases I not only put the file upload link in the workflow, but also the Form Submission link.

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Yeah already done that…
Still business have their processes and apparently keeping a copy of the attachment in an email is one of them ha … :man_shrugging:

If I understand this request correctly, you’re saying when a user uploads a ‘file’ via a form on the website, that the ‘file’ then becomes an attachment in the email sent to the workflow recipeints?

I also have a client who requires this.

That is exactly what i’m requesting :slight_smile:

There’s one problem with attaching files to the workflow notification: The size limit. Currently in BC only files up to 1MB are attached though upload is possible up to 250MB. Technically you could attach bigger files but not bigger than 20MB. Hence the workflow for the client changes depending on the size of the upload. Sometimes they forget that, sometimes they think, there’s no attachment so there’s no upload and miss the info in the workflow summary. I really like, that we can use a direct download link in Treepl, so clients have an even worklfow.

That being said, of course it’s still good to have the option. :slight_smile:

Hi @James

Sorry for my late reply, I have been away on holiday :slight_smile:
I have added the request here:

Please let me know if you want anything added to it :slight_smile:

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