Blog release date scheduling bug

Client scheduled a blog post for March 26th last week and this morning when writing my next blog for April I noticed it was scheduled for March 28th.
Re-opened, changed the date to March 26th (I’m posting all on a Tuesday at the moment) and saved. The date has automatically reverted to March 27th. I tried a second time and it won’t let me save March 26th.

Hello, please send me link to this site

It is for

Hi @SiroccoDigital and @Anastasia. I just came across what I think is the same issue on one of my older trial sites.
I believe it’s to do with the recent timezone update. Since existing sites didn’t get the update automatically, you have to edit the site instance, change the timezone to something else, save it, then change the timezone back to what you need it to be and save again. This updates the instance with the correct timezone and after doing this my release date changes started working correctly again.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @Adam.Wilson. Do I need to change this in the Partner Portal where you can ‘Edit’ a site and there is the Timezone listed?


It seems like you can’t edit the time zone on a live site so @alex.n could you check this out please.

Hi. We’re working on it, fix is coming either next Wednesday as part of the release or a bit sooner - not sure yet.