Blog site loading time issues

So I have this blog with aprox. 1400 articles, 400 tags and 11 categories and I really need to speed up loading times: At the moment I deal with up to 10 seconds, sometimes more.
I’ve already identified the main culprits: When I take the sidebar and the blog filter slide in out, loading times improve drastically.

Especially calling module_tag_list which I use for displaying the top 20 tags and the tags in the blog filter slide out is apparently slowing rendering down big time. We are killing a lot of the blog tags (also good for keeping them usefull) but those will probably go up again as the editors add content on a daily basis.

So here is what I was wondering:
I’m using module_tag_list and module_category_list with a collection variable and a for/endfor loop. Would it be siginificantly faster to use layouts here?
Is there any way I could load the form for the blog filter (which is just a custom module search form) via Ajax? So it’s only rendered when actually needed by the user? I’m a total rookie with Ajax so any help would be appreachiated :-).
Any other issues I might overlook and I could remedy to speed up rendering time?

Hello @TimL ,
I agree, it is quite slow. There is optimization of module_tag_list and module_category_list coming in next sprint (5.6) that will fix this load speed issue.
Meanwhile, it’s possible to reduce the load speed by changing implementation a bit:

Thanks @vlad.z for looking into this! Your implementation is reducing loading times by a few seconds. That’s giving us better options to check with the client what balance of speed and features he wants for the moment. Also great that we can look forward to a better performance in 5.6.
I’ve found that there are also some “ghost” tags in the system from a blog we actually deleted (we used the blog module for migration then imported everything into a custom module):
Are all tags in the system impacting speed or are only those within the respective module relevant? (I’m sure support can delete those tags for us but at the moment they don’t hurt - if they don’t impact overall speed)

Hi @TimL

Tags are module related entities (opposite to categories that are shared between all modules).
That means that only a separate module’s specific tag list affect the speed of module_tag_list for that module.Tags of other modules are not impacting the speed of the certain module’s module_tag_list component.

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