Blog Tags not Updating

I have had a few issues with Blog Tags not updating if you change them once the post has been saved. The only workaround I have found is to duplicate the article and delete the old article for it to update.

Is this a similar issue to images not updating in the past due to the caching?

Hi SiroccoDigital, we’ll check it, provide us a link please @Denis.l

@anna.k I had to fix this to get approval on the job by recreating the blog posts. Next time I see this happen I will send it through before fixing it.
You can test this on the site if you add a new tag to one of the posts it doesn’t update in the page and we have a script to pull in blog posts by tag on the bottom of each of the ‘Sector’ and ‘Applications’ pages and it doesn’t update there either.

Does it resolve if you re-build the site index I wonder?
The recent release notes mentioned something about tags and reindexing the site… might be related.

Hmmmm, it says there was a Bug fix but it doesn’t seem to be a fix for this issue. I have checked this against another website and if you add a tag and save and then remove the tag it keeps showing for the tag you removed. Tried rebuild index and it fixed the problem.