Can I (or the treepl team) stop a 'BC to treepl' migration mid progress?

Ive been migrating my webapps one at a time with BC to Treepl app, (this is to avoid it failing when I try to do it all at once).
During this process I have accidentally initiated an ‘Entire Site’ migration. This will likely cause it override any work done to the treepl site with contents from my old BC site. :frowning:

Q) Does anyone know if the BC to Treepl App process be cancelled or stopped?

I don’t think it can be. But perhaps ping @alex.n on slack and submit and ticket if urgent.
Also, duplicate your site ASAP to try and capture it before any overrides happen.

Wow, duplicating a site only took about 5-10
mins :slight_smile: thanks Adam.

FYI, the Treepl team were able to stop the auto-migration process.

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