Changing Field Type in Custom Properties

I have just finished populating quite an extensive Content Module and noticed that I need to change the Field Type for one of my Custom Properties from “Text (Multiline)” to “WYSIWYG” but I can’t seem to do it.

The system seems to acknowledge the change by presenting a confirmation popup that says “changes applied” but nothing actually changes.

Can someone tell me if this is possible? I’m pretty sure it was in BC. I want to avoid having to create a new Field Type and migrate all the content across.

Is it a bug or intentional?

Thanks Dean

Hi Dean

I can replicate the same!
I am quite sure this is not intentional.

Can’t seem to tag Vlad, so maybe @alex.n (Aleksey) can pass this on? :slight_smile:

Same here.
In fact I haven’t been able to change any field type to another at all.
I’m pretty sure this use to work :frowning:

We have already setup the improvement to change type of custom module properties. But we didn’t scheduled it yet because it wasn’t requested until now. Can you please add this request to the public backlog in order to prioritize it?

@vlad.z I’ve made a request in the public backlog based on this request.

Hey @Alex_B_Centrifuge and @vlad.z! :slight_smile:

This is now added to the public backlog here:

But to be fair I think this should be fixed asap. It is not a new feature, it is clearly a bug, since as a user, you have the impression that it will work, and I guess it should have worked from the beginning? :slight_smile:

I am just worried it will not get any votes, because most partners have used their votes for “bigger” requests.

Hope it will be solved fairly quick :slight_smile:

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I agree… not to rock the boat, but maybe we need a backlog and a …buglog? Just for things that need to be fixed.

Besides “Feature” and “Improvement” we have a “bugfix” type of a backlog item. Bugfix items are priority, so I suggest we trust @Peter-Schmidt in defining the type of a backlog item for now and see how it goes. Seems like he already marked is a bug :slight_smile:

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Fantastic. @alex You guys are all over it!