Chrome Continually Refreshing

I have a client who is complaining that when they login to the Admin Console the CMS constantly refreshes every 10 seconds.

They are using Chrome and have tried deleting their cache but it is still happening. They have even downloaded the latest Chrome but it is still doing it.

Any ideas?

I’ve had the same problem for several months and logged a support ticket but the issue is still happening. I use Firefox instead just for Treepl.

May be worth asking them to try removing any Chrome extensions they have? I use Chrome all the time and not seen this.

Hi @SiroccoDigital and @hopestew, our team is working on this.
Do you use Chrome on MAC or Windows?
Please, provide us a link to reproduce this issue.

@anna.k I use a Mac and still have an open support ticket for this issue. I did just removed all my extensions in Chrome & rebooted it, but that made no difference.

@hopestew Can you give me a support ticket number and I will take a look.

@anna.k it’s 715 from from Oct - “Login trouble when using Chrome”

I have the same problem, but with Safari on Mac. Chrome & Firefox work well for me!? Ha.

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Seems like this is caused by browsers and mac os security updates. I experienced the same issue and unchecking this box in my Safari has fixed it for now:
You can try that as a temporary solution until we add an update to our SSO service.

Thanks @alex, is there an equivalent way to fix this on Chrome? Otherwise, happy to wait until after eCommerce.

@alex That solution fixed it in Safari for me but I haven’t been able to find the equivalent setting in Chrome, my default and preferred browser. But I’m very happy for your developers to focus on ecommerce at the moment!

I couldn’t find the equivalent in Chrome and for some reason it works perfectly for me and for all of mac users in Chrome.

We managed to reproduce the issue in Safari and are currently working on fixing it.
Could anyone provide us with the video showing refreshing issue in Chrome? This would help us further investigate it. Please also let us know the Chrome version you’re using.

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@Violetta.S I’ve taken a video of trying to login to the admin area of one of my sites using Chrome on Mac 10.14.6. See:

Safari issue has been fixed.

Chrome is still an issue. Will get some specifics on the system and browser version to help diagnose but I believe it is on the latest version of Chrome.

Hi everyone! We’ve identified the root cause of the refreshing issue in Chrome and will be working on the hot patch to fix it. ETA: January 20.


Great news Violetta!