Custom Module Item Parent Id?

What does the custom module item’s parent id refer to?

“id”: 2052,
“url”: “/team/karen-smith”,
“parentid”: 2044,
“lastupdateddate”: “2019-07-24T16:57:04”,
“AMPContent”: “”,
“Author_name”: null,
“Author_url”: null,
“Author”: 0,
“CanonicalLink”: “”,

Well it should be the containing module the item belongs to (so in your case the module called ‘Team’).
However, unless I’m going mad, checking this now it appears all the parent IDs are off by 5 - as to what is shown in the admin??? Strange.
@vlad.z / @alex.n has something changed here?

Seeing the same thing! :thinking:

Items placed in root are assigned to a virtual item. This is done for performance reasons. So ParentId is virtual item’s Id (it will be replaced with -1 in the future).