Data Source Property: Add an optional "Add the --Please Select-- default empty option" from BC

Folks, we love Treepl’s new Custom Module implementation, but an important element has been lost in translation with regards to BC’s Data Source field functionality.

Essentially, once a content data source selection is made, then saved on any custom module record, a content admin can only editorially select an ALTERNATE data source item, they can’t select the equivalent of a BC ‘empty option’.

Why is this important? The vast majority of our BC websites are published from several related (and modularized) web app item data source associations. Our clients simply need the ability to select a ‘default empty option’ from the admin to trigger their displays to behave to their expectation from time to time.

I acknowledge that if the data source property is simply not required and not selected, that an equivalent to empty option would be true, BUT as soon as an editorial action has selected and saved a property selection, the option for a ‘empty’ value simply does not exist.

The workarounds I’ve discovered include deleting data from cells of an Export spreadsheet, then re-importing the sheet, and creating a front facing webform that includes an empty option, but neither of those solutions work in this case.

So, please either support this Public Backlog item, or school me in a way to accomplish the same outcomes without client editorial pain.

Cheers all!

Scott Harwood
Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation


Hi @amplify-scott

I’ve added it to the public backlog here:

– Let me know if you have anything to add :slight_smile:

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Howdy Folks, I believe that this request was added to the July 10th sprint. I does appear to be functioning on the sites I have hosted on the CA instance. Perhaps it should be confirmed and removed from the public backlog. Scott

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Hi @amplify-scott - Sorry for my late reply, have been away on holiday.
This request is moved to “Delivered” now :+1: