eCommerce Status in the eyes of Partners

Hi All,

Can anyone that’s using Treepl for eCommerce and BETA testing let me know your thoughts as to the status of things? Haven’t seen much overall details here or elsewhere.

I have a huge site that we use the BC eCommerce for their products but not the cart as they didn’t sell online. Now they want to sell a limited number of their products online and I’d like to migrate them to Treepl eCommerce which I see is a hosting option now, but not sure if it’s ready for prime time and the migration tool does not yet support eCommerce but the master plan is targeting a 3/11 release.

Just curious what you seeing and your thoughts as my client is looking for a quote to migrate the site and setup some products to sell online.



Hi @Barry_Alt

I have been testing and working with it for the last couple of weeks for a project of our own.
At this time it works more or less like BC eCommerce, so at this stage I think it is really good.

I see especially two advantages in the Treepl solution so far.

  1. The ability to add as many custom fields as you would like, just like a regular Custom Module (Web app). This is FAR better than the custom 1-4 fields we had in BC which in my mind where more or less useless since the client would always find it strange to put something in a “Custom 1” field, instead of this field having the right wording for what they were putting in it. So that is a huge bonus for us.

  2. The ability to alter the “built-in” things very easily. Everything is accessible very easily. For example the “shipping options” in the checkout. In BC you would need to do all sorts of small js tweaks to alter this, but these layout are possible to change very easily in Treepl as you are able to do custom layout on these. We have also used it for the product attriutes in this particular project. If you browse the folder “cms-assets” -> “layouts” you can see all the layouts that you are able to customise.

At this point these are the best advantages. I was never a big fan of the BC eCommerce and therefor I like the possibilities on Treepl for now. I think it is possible to do so much more with this, so the Treepl eCommerce will be far superior, but for now we need a more or less 1:1 “reproduction” of the BC features so it is possible to do the migrations. I am sure that the team has a lot of great features that they want to include in the eCommerce (and all over the system) when all of the “copying” of BC features and the migrations are done.

So in my point of view it works like BC but with better accessibility already. At the moment there is not as many integrations to different payment gateways as in BC, but that will come.

And migration of the eCommerce sites from BC will be coming in March, so it gives you the possibility to try and migrate the site and see how it works, without it costing you anything to try out :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have other questions Barry, always glad to help, and if you have question for the team regarding eCommerce, I would reach out to @Anastasia_old, she have been a HUGE help for me in the last weeks of testing eCommerce :+1:


WOW Awesome Peter this is exactly what I was looking for thanks. :smiley:


Thanks @Peter-Schmidt that’s helpful.

Do you know if the Treepl eCommerce functionality can handle multiple pricing options for products depending the login category (ie. Retail, Wholesale and Trade)?

Regards Dean

No worries @Barry_Alt :+1:

Hi @DeanCraig.
You are able to setup a Recommended Retail Price and a Sell Price on both consumer and wholesaler. Let me know if you want further details :slight_smile:

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