Email Migration - how do you escalate this?

I have a site waiting to go live. The site uses email hosted at OpenSRS through BC.

I submitted a case to BC 8 days ago requesting approval to migrate the email to Treepl CMS using the pro-forma provided by Adam. I have had no response.

I asked for an ETA 3 days ago. Still no response.

Where/how can I get this escalated so the migration can be completed?

Are BC still providing live chat?
Maybe someone on there can check on it.

Thanks Adam - chat is off line - maybe it is a time zone thing.

I have the same issues. I have submitted three separate tickets over the past three weeks, and I’ve spoken to support via chat. The chat person was helpful but he couldn’t do anything other than resubmit the tickets. I tried to enter the tickets for follow up and got the response “this ticket is closed.”

I’m almost ready to activate, except for the Mail migration. I’m at the point where, if I don’t hear from them this week, I’ll bite the bullet, archive my mailboxes to my own server and start from scratch on Treepl Mail.

Hmmm, perhaps reaching out to OpenSRS support and explaining the issue may be of some help?
I’m doubtful, but may be worth a try.

Adam’s ‘Chat’ suggestion did the trick for me, once it came online. I provided the case number & they told me it would be done in 2 hours. I got the approval email about 4 hours later. So far so good.

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I’ll try the chat again (third time lucky?)

It’s worth a try. I sent the email to with the approval but the process has stopped again. I logged an incident with Treepl Support & they said they’ll check & let me know. Apparently it is slow because we’re getting close to BC EOL.

I also had this, 8 days and no response after numerous email follow ups.
I managed to log on to BC help when chat was working, got dealt with in 5 mins, plus asked for the authorising email to be sent, which Adobe did.
Sent on to Treepl as per, but migration team came back saying all complete, no verification text record from OpenSRS needed. I’ve had this before on some email transfers, but most sites I have been given a verification text record, guessing it wont matter in a few weeks anyway, just hope accounts transfer properly.

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I wasn’t asked for the verification record either. Chat got Adobe going. Treepl followed through nicely after I sent the email attachment. OpenSRS had moved the email to the Treepl CMS Account without any verification TXT record.

I got my BC approval today and have forwarded to Treepl. So hopefully the move will happen as it has for you.