Eway Implementation for Payment Forms

I have a client ready to move to Treepl but they have a donation form that is setup to transact through eWay. As they are a Charity and eWay has a special discounted plan for Not-for-Profits it is not cost-effective for them to move to Stripe.

Are there any plans to implement eWay in the next month or is this on the back-burner until the eCommerce solution is launched?

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Technically we can deliver it within one sprint, but we still don’t see this request in the public backlog, therefore it’s not clear how important it is for other partners :frowning:

@alex I have put through a few requests to have this added to the backlog. How can I get this added?

I just bumped your backlog request topic so hopefully, it’ll get a bit more love form other Aussies :slight_smile:

Thank you @Adam.Wilson, I have also got a post on the Backlog form where I have had a few others agree they want this added to the backlog. This was also discussed back on the Stripe backlog channel. Anyway to expedite this to get it added to the Backlog so I can vote to have it included?