Export CRM Orders

CRM - orders
I have about 15 orders - but if I try to Export the orders, an empty XL spread sheet is downloaded.
Does anybody know if this functionality works please, or how I get it to work?
Thank you

Hello @Dawn , I’ve checked this functionality and it works fine. Could you provide more details?

Pleae can you confirm how you are getting this to work as I cant find any instructions in the documentation.

This is the process I am trying - In the admin panel - Under CRM // Orders // (then at the top click the ‘Export icon’) an empty XL spreadsheet is download.
Should I be doing it a different way?

@Irene - Seeing the same thing. It will just export a blank excel file with headers.
I have mentioned this for @Anastasia_old in slack back in june and I was told that you would fix it :slight_smile:

Hi Irina - please could you letme know how we can ge this to work on our websites. thank you Dawn

Hmm, It’s strange…I clicked the export link http://prntscr.com/v0f5pf, and it works http://prntscr.com/v0f4u3
Please submit a support ticket on this.