Extra script files - Please allow us to turn them off or remove them

Hey @vlad.z would be great to be able to turn off this file: https://prnt.sc/rgqo74 as I like to be able to control what stylesheets/scripts are outputted on a site. Plus, for the most part, I don’t use any of the main.css styles. I am very conscience of the # of link/script calls on my sites (for site speed and initial site paint), so it would be best if we have the option to turn this file on or off. If we can turn this off, and I understand we will/may need this for ecommerce, then allow us to just add it to the SEO tab, header multiline block.

I realize this is only a 32kb file, but every byte in savings counts for site speed and # of resource calls.



In BC we had the option to suppress system generated resources from a template.
Not sure if this is the best way to do it but it seemed to work ok.


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Yes, this would be perfect and solve my issue. This boolean field would be best to be placed on a ‘Content Template’ file - like B.C.

The feature is added to backlog. It will be released in one of the upcoming sprints.

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