Form File upload: stored on server with open access?

When a file is uploaded via a form upload field, it sits in a unsecured directory. Is this correct?

(i.e. google could index it and add it to the SERP?)

It’s unsecured yes, but would Google be able to (or likely to) index it if there are no public links to the file?

Able, willing, and likely.
I’ve had google index pdfs in a folder that were uploaded by users in a form. I use dropbox file requests now, but it’s much less user friendly.

I can’t wait for secured folders. I notice it’s at the top of the backlog and has the most votes. Hopefully it arrives soon.


Hmm, that’s interesting. I wonder how Google does that if the server doesn’t disclose its directory listings?

Word to the wise. If you’re accepting CV’s, applications or anything somebody might consider sensitive, don’t use the form upload if the folder is unsecured.

@Alex_B_Centrifuge - Did you do something else for the form upload? Having the same problem with relatively sensitive files etc. which I really don’t want in “open” folders. Thinking about users uploading files through dropbox, but just wanted to know if anybody else had found something that could be integrated or similar until we have the possibility of secure folders on Treepl :slight_smile:

I definitely need the ability to secure folders/files as well and ASAP.

I used a dropbox file upload link. Much less slick but secure.

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Thanks @Alex_B_Centrifuge - That was what we came up with as well :slight_smile: