Gift Voucher Email Missing Key Details

Hey @vlad.z,

Looks like the Gift Voucher is missing some key details, more specifically the “Senders” information.

So, basically this info is not being outputted correct:

Please advise what steps I should take to correct this. I need to take this site live in the next week, so need to know if this will be addressed soon, or?


Hi @A3CS
There is no PurchaserEmail in you example object. It was added recently and you can rely on it instead of purchaser name since the form may allow to skip entering first name but it will not allow you to send the form without email.
Here is the latest example of the {{this}} object for gift voucher email:

  "Message": "ddssdsd sd",
  "SiteUrl": "",
  "GiftVoucher": {
    "Name": "GV135984",
    "Amount": 33.77000000,
    "AmountHtml": "$33.77",
    "Balance": 33.77000000,
    "Type": "ViaShop",
    "Currency": "$",
    "Enabled": true,
    "RecipientName": "Vlad",
    "RecipientEmail": "",
    "RecipientMessage": "ddssdsd sd"
  "RecipientName": "Vlad",
  "PurchaserName": "test",
  "PurchaserEmail": "",
  "GiftVoucherAmount": 33.77000000,
  "GiftVoucherCode": "GV135984",
  "GiftVoucherCurrency": {
    "Id": "12527484287403950218",
    "Code": "USD",
    "Symbol": "$",
    "DigitalCode": "840",
    "Name": "US Dollar"
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Perfect, thanks @vlad.z