How can I make a Custom Module content secure?

I created a custom module with PDF docs.
I created a secure zone. I selected all custom module items to be secured. I selected the pages where the items are displayed to be secured.

I can still cut and paste the URL to open the document after I log out.

What am I missing?

Is the PDF uploaded to a secured folder within the secure zone? And does that folder have “with all child items” enabled?

Hi @shannonlynd . It’s the custom module item itself that you are securing. I don’t think this passes down to anything that you might associate with it.
Files would need to be secured separately or in a secure folder, but I don’t believe this is possible at the moment? Have you done this before @hopestew?.

@Adam.Wilson you are correct. In the secure zone I’m building, the client doesn’t have files such as PDFs or Word docs that need securing but I presumed I could secure them like in BC. I’ll put in a request for the Public Backlog. Without being able to secure files, it makes any secure zones with documents useless.

I’ve just been experimenting and found that if I upload a PDF to a folder in Content > Pages, eg Content > Pages > Members-Only, the PDF cannot be accessed via a URL such as I have to upload the PDF to a folder directly under the Root folder. Other treepl users probably already knew this, but it was news to me!


Hello Shannonlynd. At the moment there is no possibility to add a file to a secure zone. If you need to hide a file, you can add file url to " URL Redirect". For example: if your file has url “somedomain/testfile.pdf” and your secure module has url “somedomain/securemodule” you can add file url to “URL Redirects” as ‘Source Url’ and secure module url as ‘Destination Url’. This way you can redirect user to secured module and configure access for member whitch allowed secure zone .That should work. But now it will not work for files with extensions “.html” and “.htm”.

Are there any immediate plans to make PDF documents, excel files, etc… secure when placed into a secure zone and not just the page the links reside on? The client could easily handle this in BC themselves. This is one of the most requested features in Webflow and we will have a need for this in a few sites here on Treepl. I assumed it was already available on Treepl or at least on the roadmap.

We definitely require this functionality too for many of our clients. This is a main reason why memberships are paid or have a registration form so that customers can receive content that is not available elsewhere.

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Is it possible to do a wildcard redirect on anything in a specific folder?

We could direct the client to pull all secure docs in a specific folder.