Image Manager almost there

Hey Treepl team - image manager is working much better, thanks! One request, and I know there is one spot on the manager for it, ability add our own CSS classes and optionally, ID’s. Just a simple text field should suffice, so we can add multiple classes or ID’s to it.

Furthermore, adding images via normal view is a lot different than adding images via file manager. Regular view outputs like this:

<img src="/_images/pages/Community_Computer_community-living-pic.jpg" data-type="image" data-name="Community_Computer_community-living-pic.jpg" style="width: 300px; display: block; vertical-align: top; margin: 5px auto; text-align: center;">

*** as you can see, the alt tag is completely missing from image element.*

Code View, using File Manager (which I have to use to add classes and alt tag):

<img src='/_images/pages/Community_Computer_community-living-pic.jpg' alt='Community Computer and Printer' />

Lastly, not a big deal, but should be consistent… most of use “” ( for elements within the element, but Treep outputs as such .

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Hey Aaron,

To add an alt tag to an image via WYSIWYG you can use the “Alternate Text” button.

Making the possibility of adding classes makes sense, we will do it in one of the next sprints.

@Peter-Schmidt please add this to the public backlog.

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