Image processor in file manager


This might already have been raised.

Some or our sites have user submitted Custom Module items (1000+ submission / year). The problem we are facing is that users often upload large images (dimensions and file size). In BC we had the functionality in file manger to change the dimensions which also reduces the file size.

Would be even better if such an image processor also would work within the custom module item update form in the admin console.

Are there any plans to add such functionality?

Cheers, Erik

While not quite the same thing as you are asking, we do have the imageProcessor plugin:

But for a user to edit the image prior to upload you’d need some sort of Javascript plugin on the front-end I would think.
@James didn’t you put together something like this?

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@Erik are you looking for something that resizes images prior to upload by the users, or are you looking for a way to resize images on the back end after they have been uploaded?

Not treepl native, but this looks like it would do the trick if you’re looking to reduce file sizes before upload.

Would be nice if there was something treepl native

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Oh yeah I did actually… you basically need to turn the changed image to a blob and upload via ajax… It was a while back and it was only a test with some code i dumped in from another plugin, but I got it working…

When i have time ill try and clean it up and get some thing together…