Imageprocessor Overlays

Hi all, I am LOVING the imageprocessor functionality of Treepl.

I’ve attempted to take it a step further by adding some overlays, but haven’t had any success.
Has anyone out there managed to implement an imageprocessor generated overlay?

Hi @Reagan_Vautier.
Yeah, I’m not having any luck with this one either, although it is meant to be supported now.
I’m working on Treepl specific documentation for the ImageProcessor so I’ll contact the team about this and report back with any further info.

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That would be great Adam.
I’m holding off on part of a development in case this gets enabled within the next week :crossed_fingers:

@Adam.Wilson Which image processor features are now supported? The docs still lists the original image processor features and not image overlay.

Is webp supported yet? That would be a boon.

@Reagan_Vautier @Alex_B_Centrifuge

Just got some info back on this; the Overlay filter (and others similar to it that require a base directory for the images to be stored) has a bug that doesn’t allow the folder to be accessed. This has been added to bug fixes - no ETA as yet. My impression was that it was a simple fix so hopefully resolved soon… but I can’t say for sure when the fix will be delivered.

.webp is not currently supported, however, an overall upgrade to the ImageProcessor functionality is already planned which will support webp.

I’m working on full docs for this to show all supported filters, but they all need testing (case in point above) and other docs/tasks are taking priority :frowning:
… but, I think I’ll just bite the bullet and get it done, even if just in a basic format :sweat:

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Woot webp!

I wish I could contribute more to the docs. I am perpetually optimistic that there may be an opening my schedule where I can shoulder in and help you flesh out some of the gaps, but that never happens somehow.

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For those interested, I now have a demo page of all image filters here:

It’s just rough, but shows what is and isn’t working.
Since there is an upgraded ImageProcessor coming, and many of the current ones are not implemented, I won’t document these further.

Hope this helps.


That’s awesome @Adam.Wilson

What do you think about adding that into the docs?

Are you testing automatically to see if those image processor functions are working?

@Alex_B_Centrifuge I’m not keen on adding this to the docs due to reasons noted above (I don’t know… what do you think?)

Not sure exactly what you mean by “testing automatically”… but no, this demo page was configured manually.

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@Adam.Wilson I missed your additional comment

Since there is an upgraded ImageProcessor coming, and many of the current ones are not implemented, I won’t document these further.

I was wondering if you’d configured the working/not working flags to programmatically check if the image had been processed or altered. I was just curious.

Nope. just manually testing :slight_smile:
It’s more of a visual thing and there are no logical indicators to determine if working or not in this case.

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