In Context Editing (nICE)- change text to bold or italic

Hi I remember ages ago adding my vote to this, but cant see it anymore in the backlog. Most of my clients would like to be able to make the following basic changes in the nICE editor;

  • Change text to bold
  • change text to italic
  • add a link to text.
    Does anyone know if there are still plans to do this and when.
    thank you

Hi @Dawn. This was released in v4.5

Oh OK - this doesnt work on any of the websites I have - including new ones just built using treepl templates. Is there something I need to do to make this functionality work please.

Hmmm. Try clearing cache and cookies.
And insure all HTML is valid as this can stop nICE working correctly too.

Just one thing that got me at first is that you need to actually make a selection of the text you’re editing for the styles toolbar to display. It doesn’t show when you just click into some text.

Hi - I have cleared cache and restarted . I have created a fresh website using the Treepl Lawyer website and not touched any code - so the template should be uncontaminated.
I have attached a screen capture of what I see when I hightlight text

Do I need to press a key or something?

Whoops - hold the front page - just found out apparently I need to switch on nICE v2.0 in my settings Beta features enable- just tried on test site and seems to be working - sorry to be a nuisance again!

Ah. Yep, I’d forgotten that too…
Coincidentally, the site I tested on had it turned on as well.