Intro to Liquid

Thinking of running an intro to liquid session this Friday (March 6th) around 2pm pacific if anyone is interested. This will be targeted more towards beginners/those new to liquid. Format will be more of a Q & A type session. If interested reply to this post.

It will be pretty chill and will focus more on the basics. While I am certainly no expert, I can definitely help those who are just starting out or need help with that liquid ‘light bulb moment’ :joy:


I will be there @A3CS! All lightbulb moments are worthwhile ones :wink:

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I will be there @A3CS! Looking forward to learning more about Liquid.

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Yep I will be there @A3CS. Just starting to get into it Liquid now

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Hey folks, I’ll post a Zoom Meeting link in this Forum Post on Wednesday. FYI - this is 2pm pacific.

Come with questions : )

Hi Aaron @A3CS I can’t make it at that time, am I able to watch the zoom afterwards?

Yeah, same here. I think that’s 9am on a Sat for us Aussies :slight_smile:
But I’d love to sit in to also gain some insight into what areas people are struggling with and the questions asked as it’ll help with the ‘Liquid for Treepl’ course I’m putting together.
So any insights (or a recording) you can offer after the meeting would be great :slight_smile:
Thanks for doing this too by the way!!


No problem, will record it and send over to the wonderful @Adam.Wilson to post on the Treehouse site.


I’ll join for sure - thank you!

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Hey everyone, here is the Zoom link for Friday’s basic intro to liquid session. Will post in Slack as well.


Unfortunately, I’ll not be able to join this morning. I’ll look out for the recording.

@A3CS - I’m so sorry to have missed your March 6th Intro to Liquid Q & A. We had a family emergency and I ended up having to travel Friday through Monday and just returned last evening. Was this by any chance recorded? If so, would you mind sharing a link so I can see what I missed? This was the perfect opportunity for me and I’m really bummed that I missed it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help!