Invite Admin User Email - {{this.siteURL}} needs protocol

Just noticed something as Donna was trying to click the link in the Invite Admin User email.

Most email clients require a protocol in order to open a website link, i.e. https:// so without it, within say Outlook you can’t initiate the link click through. When I added https:// in front of {{this.siteURL}} it worked. So, would suggest for this to add the site protocol as well.

This really only applies to email clients like Apple Mail or Outlook (I’m on a Mac).



Hi @A3CS

Hasn’t this been fixed? Seems that way? :slight_smile:
I noticed it when we where sending emails to all users.

I reported it to Aleksey and they fixed it quite fast.
Just wanted to clarify because if you add https:// in front now I think you will get an error because of the “double” https:// :+1:

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Ok thanks for the heads up. I only tried it on a trial site and not my live sites yet. So I should be good. Will test my live sites on Tuesday. Thanks @Peter-Schmidt

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