Is the Automated sitemap.xml refreshed periodically?

On Pages > Page > SEO Tab >
I’m turning off and on the ‘Show this page for search engines’ and saving.
I would expect this to immediately change the contents (for this page’s entry) of the rendered sitemap.xml, however it seems to have no effect on it.
Q1) Does the sitemap.xml get refreshed/ regenerated periodically, ie perhaps once per day?
Q2) Is there any manual function to force a refresh/regeneration of the sitemap.xml?

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I believe the XML sitemap is regenerated every 24 hrs. It’s definitely not instant though.
Yes, you can manually rebuild it under ‘Settings’ > ‘Sitemap’ > “GENERATE SITEMAP” button.


thanks Adam :slight_smile:

Works brilliantly. Great work treepl team. :+1:

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