Is the FAQs Module working and why don't I see any results

I am looking at setting up a simple set of FAQ questions but don’t seem to get any results… the list view code simply does not show

The list layout code is:

	<div class="collapsible-header">
		<h2 class="h4">{{this['name']}}</h2>
	<div class="collapsible-body z-depth-1">

The code in my page is:

{% component source: “FAQ Group”, layout: “List”, filterBy: “id”, filterValue: “2558”, sortBy: “weighting”, sortOrder: “ASC”, object: “collection”, type: “module” %}


Hi @TopLeftDesigns. Your component tag is looking for an “FAQ Group” with an ID of 2558.
And the List layout code you’ve posted looks like it’s for the “FAQ Question” layout, not the group layout.

Are you trying to render a specific group or a specific question? or are you wanting to list all questions within a group?

Hi Adam

I have inserted the code to show a single FAQ’s group and filtered by the name of the group I had chosen to hold a series of questions and answers. Id 2558 is the FAQ Group I wish to reference.

What I am hoping to achieve is a list of questions with their answers hidden with an accordion style.

The code I am referencing was in the site and I have checked it against the template materials-123 ensuring I am using the exact same code but for whatever reason, the code form the list layout is simply not being inserted into the page.

Thanks… Greg

Ok. I would like to eliminate one possible issue before digging deeper.
Can you just try setting the release date of a question (in your 2558 group) to a past date (a few days ago will be fine). Then see if that question renders.

I was ahead of you on that one - all release dates are at least a week ago and it makes no difference… nice try though

Ok, can you post the code from your “FAQ Group” list layout please (not the “FAQ Question” list layout)?

FAQ Group List Layout…

<div class="container py font-16 gray7">
     {% component type:"module", source: "FAQ Question", layout:"List", random:"true", filterBy:"parentid", filterValue:"{{}}" %}

Since your initial component tag on your page is set to use object: "collection" you need to be usign a forloop in the group list layout. ie:

 {% for item in this.items %}
        {% component type:"module", source: "FAQ Question", layout:"List", filterBy:"parentid", filterValue:"{{}}" %}
    {% endfor %}

or change it to object: “item”

Thanks Adam - I am now getting to see a list of questions and answers…