Is there a way for automated FTP backup of entire site?


I was wondering if there is a way to backup all the files?

Thank you so much!

You can manually download all template, layout, pages and asset files via FTP.
Database items however, need to be exported via their modules.

Automating FTP connections would need to be done externally via your FTP client or other software.

Proper, built-in automated back-up is planned for Treepl CMS but not until version 7. So probably a little way off still.

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Thank you so much @Adam.Wilson

Hi Adam,

In ‘Pages’ can we backup the ‘SEO’ tab components in any way at all?
ie. SEO Tab has: Meta Title, Meta Desc, Head, Canonical, OG, Amp.

Can’t seem to do this by FTP and doesn’t seem to be any form of export.

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Not via FTP no, as this is data stored in the CMS.
But there is an export feature for Pages which includes this data:

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If anybody is looking for an automated FTP backup solution I’ve been trying to get Microsoft Flow to backup directly to dropbox, but I can’t crack it. I think i’t supposed to be able to.

The other thing I’ve been looking at is using winSCP for automatic backing up to a dropbox folder locally.

This would give me versioning, but wouldn’t capture modularized data.

Thanks Adam,
If I put it in list view (instead of tree) I can Export all ‘pages’ with a single click, which is great.
Folders, however seem to require I visit every folder on the site and Export that folder’s ‘contained folders’.
Can I be doing this a better way?

Hi @Reagan_Vautier. Looks like you can only export a single view at a time and not the whole structure (with nested items, etc.)
I’ve found a way to export ALL page folders in one export (including sub folders), but again, it’s only as a flat view. There is no references to how they are structured in the directory overall (no parent IDs or even URL).