Liquid Assign tag in template not flowing to pages

In my template I am using liquid assign to set station call letters based on URL. This works fine if my component module tags are in the template content. But when the component module tags are in the page content they don’t see the assign tag. Therefore, I have to duplicate the assign tag on each page. Am I missing something.

Here is a sample of my liquid assign…

{% assign URL = request.request_url.origin %}
{% if URL == “” %}
{% assign Call_Letters = “KKJK” %}
{% elsif URL == “” %}
{% assign Call_Letters = “KMTY” %}
{% else %}
{% assign Call_Letters = “” %}
{% endif %}

Here is sample of my component tag…

{% component source: “News”, layout: “Website News List”, filterBy: “ItemCategories”, filterValue: “{{Call_Letters}}”, sortBy: “releasedate”, sortOrder: “ASC”, limit: “5”, enablePagination: “false”, type: “module” %}

Again if I put the component tag in the template it works, put it a page it doesn’t work. because the assign information doesn’t flow to the page.

I think you need to turn on the beta feature for Liquid 2.0.
Original Liquid engine kinda worked “up-scope” (opposite to BC), whereas new Liquid 2.0 works more logically “down-scope” (like BC).