Mailchimp question/issue

With the Mailchimp integration, is the double opt-in required?
Even when I disable this in the Mailchimp settings the double opt-in email is still sent out and the user is not subscribed to the list in Mailchimp until it is actioned.

However, in Treepl, the user is marked as being subscribed even before actioning the double opt-in.

Are we able to disable double opt-in?
Can the subscription status be set/synced based on the Mailchimp status - not just the form submission?

Any thoughts on this one @vlad.z, @alex.n?

Thanks @Adam.Wilson
We will look into the issue on one of the grooming meetings and once we found a solution we will add it to a sprint. You also can speed up this feature if it will be set as public backlog request.

As far as I remember - the double opt-in is required on mailchimp but we need to re-check it to be sure.

Thanks @vlad.z.
From what I can tell, the Double Opt-in is not required via the API and it looks like you can set the contacts “status” to “subscribed” instead of “pending” - there doesn’t seem to be anything about the Double Opt-in being required here:
See here for reference:

This is really effecting at least one of my clients as it seems very few contacts are following through with the double opt-in (or may not even be receiving it - or it’s sent to spam/junk, etc…)

Just to add… I did a test POST to my clients Mailchimp account using the Mailchimp API Playground ( and was able to fully subscribe a new contact to a list via the list/member API.
No double opt-in required.

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Hey @Peter-Schmidt, could you consider adding this one the Backlog?
So in summary:

Mailchimp Double Opt-in and Subscription Status
Option to disable the forced double opt-in when subscribing to a list via a form.
And sync the subscription status of CRM contacts to Mailchimp contacts.

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Sorry that I missed this one @Adam.Wilson :slight_smile:

Added here:

– Let me know if you want me to add further details :slight_smile:
Thanks for writing it up :+1:

No problem @Peter-Schmidt. Thanks!

What about existing email lists? I have several clients with large email lists that were gathered from email opt-ins. I already know if I import them into Mailchimp they will not be double-opted in and will not be able to send email. Does the Mailchimp API allow for importing existing opt-in lists? When I looked at it I couldn’t see where to do that on the Treepl side?

Hi @rachelward.
Currently we can’t import contacts into Treepl and set a mailing list subscription status.
You can set imported contacts as ‘opted-in’ during the import process in Mailchimp though, so you can add them to Mailchimp for sending to.

Then, what I’d do, is create a new mailing list in Treepl admin (which will get synced to Mailchimp).
Then merge your imported Mailchimp contacts into the new synced mailing list (Audience).
From then on, Treepl contacts/subscriptions will be synced to your Mailchimp Audience (within the limits of the current Treepl integration/sync that is).