More detail is required: Library Of Templates/Presets For Custom Modules

Hi Guys

So after the Treepl team have gone through the public backlog to review the requests, some request needs more details to have a chance to be review by the team.

Typically these are older requests that might have been mentioned in Slack and have not been opened as a topic here on the forum as it didn’t exist at the time. Therefore I will add the ones that are missing.

So the above text you will see in several of these form topics :slight_smile:

I guess this is pretty easy to understand the basics of, but it will need further details, images and ideas from us partners on how we want this to work before it can get reviewed and be able to vote for :slight_smile:

I recall the discussion around this was to have the ability to share templates and entire module setups with other partners. Imagine for example I had a really nicely setup news module or gallery module, then I could share it with another partner.

I imagine the easiest way would be to provide the ability to export an entire module and send it in a format to another partner where they could import the entire thing, custom fields and layouts and everything to create their own copy of it.

A better version would be the ability to store prototypes of custom modules in one place that I could reply with one click to a new site. Alternatively I could provide that module template to another partner. There would need to bee some kind of component library where partners could keep their one components and those shared by others.

I guess the final version of this would be some kind of marketplace that would have both paid and free components. Within the admin of any site you could deploy one of the components you have saved.

An example of this might be a gallery that uses a folder as it’s source (file API) and has a gallery is slider built in.

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