More detail is required: Optimize Tables For Smaller Resolutions

Hi Guys

So after the Treepl team have gone through the public backlog to review the requests, some request needs more details to have a chance to be review by the team.

Typically these are older requests that might have been mentioned in Slack and have not been opened as a topic here on the forum as it didn’t exist at the time. Therefore I will add the ones that are missing.

So the above text you will see in several of these form topics :slight_smile:

For this I guess some screenshots and a more detailed explanation of the “Hide unnecessary elements on the mobile view (tables)” would be what it needs :slight_smile:

I wrote this one originally. It’s pretty low priority for me now though.

I think the mobile experience of the module list view leaves something to be desired. There’s a lot of extra white space in the layouts and you have to do a lot of horizontal scrolling to get around the tables. My thought was to tighten things up and maybe even stack some fields for a better UX.

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I also agree that there is too much white space in the UI, but I’d prefer functionality / bug fixes be prioritised over appearance.