Multiple Login Users for Treepl Partner Portal?

I was under the impression based on the language I was reading on the “In Process” tab of the Public Backlog that in 4.83 we would be able to have more than one user ID and password to log into the main Treepl Partner portal. That language I was reading doesn’t seem to be there any longer or has been changed.

If it is now possible to have more than one log in ID how do we add one. If not possible yet, it would be a very nice feature to have. Sharing logins and passwords may not be the securest method for such an important login.

You are 100% right. It was advised that we could have multiple partner users after this update, however all the wording has mysteriously disappeared. I too would like to know what is happening on this front.

We would also like to have multiple partner logins. Ideally with an admin log so we can see who logged in and broke stuff… I mean… who was working on the site last :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I now realize that admin menu log doesn’t seem to be in the masterplan or in the backlog. I’ll put in a backlog request.