Nice Editor - Hyperlink “go to link” option

So, was just out a a client training session that turned into drinks at a local watering hole.

We kept the training session going and was showing them how awesome the “nICE” editor was. They thought it was so cool that they could make quick text updates on the fly on their mobile phone.

I told them that nICE will be updated with new features soon, but one thing that was definitely obvious was that there needs to be a fix for hyperlinks to pages.

They wanted to update some text on a blog article. They were accessing the blog from the home page clicking the blog name (which is linked to the blog URL). When the link was clicked, it was only allowing them to edit the link name and not actually click through to the blog item.

So, my request is that when a link is clicked, that two options appear - 1) as edit the text; and, 2) as a Go to Link option.

My two cents for nICE improvements.

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Those two options are already there:

  1. Click once to edit the link’s text.
  2. Double click the link to go to that URL.

Ya not happening using iPhone 8. Must be because I’m in Canada - lol!

Ok. Just tried it on my phone (iPhone 6S, Chrome browser) and it didn’t work. The work-around is to navigate to the page or custom module item in the admin area and then select nICE.