nICE Editor not working - NOT saving edits

I’ve been trying out the NICE editor on a migrated site and it looks like it’s working but when I save the page it doesn’t save my NICE edits. Is there something I’m missing? It did save the change I made to a menu item. I sat down with my client to show them how amazing it is and then it didn’t work…

Hi @rachelward. Might need to submit a support ticket to the team for this one.
I believe nICE only works correctly if the HTML is valid too, so there might be something in the page or template perhaps that’s breaking it?
Also, try cleaning your browser cache and attempt saving changes again.
That’s all I can suggest at this point.

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Hi @rachelward,

Please give me a link to a page where changes are not saved and I will see what the problem is.

I took Adam’s advice and checked for HTML errors. I found two small things (no !DOCTYPE html and an extra p tag in the wrong place on the page. Once I fixed those two things the nICE editor now works. Thank you!!