nICE - I lost my menu navbar

I’ve done something with my main Menu Navbar (Treepl Menu/Bootstrap 4), and it no longer shows up in the nICE editor at all, leaving an editor unable to navigate. I’m not really sure what I did, or even at what point it disappeared. Has anyone else seen this happen?

For whatever reason, styling Bootstrap menus in BC and now Treepl is my nemnesis, and it usually beats me down for hours. I pretty much don’t even know where to begin to attempt to remedy this. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Site is not live yet, but will be shortly. I will likely add the menu to footer in hopes I can get some navigation within nICE as a workaround.

Direct link if helpful:

Hi @craigwhitlock.

This is the nICE 2.0 bug. At the moment, it cannot process the output of components in which the variable is used: As a temporary solution, I can suggest not using variables in the component output.
We will fix this in one of the next releases.
Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

Yes! Thank you, that did the trick. Just had to replace the variable.