nICE v2.0: Style Options
Do you have a date yet when this will be added to the system. This feature is key for many of my clients who would like to be able to make text changes to their own website, without it I am finding it very difficult to sell this platform as an easy to use system for them to be a ble to make changes in.

Considering the fact that it’s currently the most voted feature in public backlog, realistically we’re able to deliver it within version 4 (March 26). The most pessimistic forecast I would say is May. I must say knowing that this feature would trigger more sales could significantly effect the delivery date. Hopefully we’ll hear more feedback on this from other partners.

That is great news thank you

nICE in general is a selling feature, most definitely but combined with the other items that need to be updated, that is where the sales vibe comes from. So, nICE upgrades in conjunction with the basic core functionalities is what this agency (and our clients) need. Which you already know about :grinning: