Page Rollback Option

Now that we have a few site up, customers who were used to the BC “Archive and Rollback” feature are requesting this be added ASAP. Luckily I keep copies of the pages locally, but they are definitely wishing this functionality was available now/soon. Yes, customers do screw up pages - lol!

Not sure if it is possible with Custom Modules but that would be cool as well to have a rollback function.


Nice one Aaron, this one’s essential for certain clients, even if it’s just for peace of mind. I’ve been too busy looking at all the other cool stuff to notice it’s missing - hope it can be implemented.

Agreed. This is a feature we need as well. In the mean time I’ve been tasked with maintaining backups but it’s not ideal to do it manually.

Noted - I to think it would be a great feature, and it has saved me/clients many times :slight_smile:

Any features you would like besides the ones we had in BC?
I would like that it was possible to go back more than 90 days, in some cases you would cross your fingers for a rollback, and there where none, because they were to old.

I am aware that there needs too be some sort of limit.

Please add more features if you have any ideas - I will add it with the next batch of requests to the public backlog :slight_smile:

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Added here:

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Thanks! @Peter-Schmidt