PARTNER FEEDBACK REQUESTED: VOTE: Product price modal edit/save button

If that isn’t an exciting title, I don’t know what is. Anyway, thanks for pitching in.

I came across this and found it odd. Maybe it’s just me. Under products → product → prices → Edit, the button at the bottom of the screen to commit changes is currently “Edit”. I feel like edit is saying “I want to edit something”, so I expect a modal or something to open so I can edit it. My expectation is that it would say “Save”, meaning to me “I want to save this”.

Comment, opinions, discussion welcome. Vote below

Product price modal button name should be:
  • Edit
  • Save

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I reported this to Violetta MONTHS ago, when eCommerce was first launched. This shouldn’t be a backlog request, it is a bug and should be resolved as such.

@Eugene - Is this for your “internal” backlog? :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter-Schmidt
Add this to the public backlog, please, because when we just had released the price section there was a button with a “Save” title. But some partners have requested to change this title when they edit the price.

@Eugene - Interesting :slight_smile: Didn’t know that.
The poll in @Alex_B_Centrifuge post is very clear so far, so let’s see what happens, I guess if it stays 100/0 we can just change it without the public backlog? :slight_smile:

I think yes. :slightly_smiling_face: