Payment form without Captcha?

Hey has anyone used a webform with payment options without the Captcha? Was going to test it on the Pro Plan.

Having some Recaptcha validation issues with one of my clients webform a with payments field added to it.

It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t (captcha fails). I’ve changed it from V3 to V2 and sometimes works - now I am gonna try without any captcha. Thought I’d ask before I proceed.

I’ve tested the form for timeout issues (ie waiting 8-10 minutes before submitting) and all seems fine for me with captcha, but it seems my clients customers are at random having captcha failures. So a bit frustrating to say the least.

Yeah, here’s a link. Recaptcha was causing us issues also, so we removed it. I think our issues were timeout related as well. (I was able to recreate the timeout issue.)

Yes, payment forms are working fine without captcha. I generally don’t include captcha validation on any payment forms. (The payment requirement alone prevents junk submissions better than captcha can ever do!)

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