QOL Backlog Request (Low Priority) - System pages default template change

Currently, System pages default template to _cms_default_blank_template

Recommended change: Change default template to Use Default Template
And then just make the _cms_default_blank_template default on new trial sites.

This way when adjusting all the system pages… its a matter of setting the default template to whatever we want… rather than having to go through each one and changing it over.

Like I said… Low Priority for bottom of the backlog.


Agreed. All system stuff probably should be assign ‘Default Template’.

Later down the track I’d hope to see the ability to mange all items assign to a template in bulk - from the template settings (like we had in BC) - which would also help with issues like this and re-assigning templates.

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@Peter-Schmidt Please add this to public backlog

Sure thing @alex - Added here:
https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/system-pages-default-template-change :+1: