Randomize removed from Business Plan Custom Modules?

Probably losing my mind here, but I am pretty sure (maybe 99% positive), that “Random” was available for Custom Modules, but in looking at my Business Plan for a new client site, it appears that “randomization” has been removed.

FYI - this is a Business Plan 4.14. However, when I look at 4.12 the Business Plan still has “random”.

Has this function been removed on purpose in version 4.14??


I can confirm that the “Random” option has disappeared from the Component Manager in ALL plan levels on v4.14 (and from all module types).

Assuming this is a bug and that the random: "true" parameter would still be working if present*, ie:

{% component source: "<Name>", layout: "List", random: "true", type: "module" %}

*I haven’t tested this.

This is a bug. We will fix it in the next release.


Noticed it the other day as well - thought I was going crazy as well, but works fine, just not in the component manager :slight_smile: Perfect that it will be fixed :smiley:

Can I just say it’s heartening to know I am not alone in regularly feeling I’m losing my mind…
I’ve been using Adam’s ’ random:: “true” ’ and it seems to be working OK for me.